Manufacturers and distributors of sprinkler nozzles (water diffusers, showers, water nozzles, washing peaks, taps, spray nozzles,…)

We want to present you with a sample of our work and research results within this wonderful field.

More than 25 years satisfying the needs of our customers have made possible the development of a portfolio of products more than enough to meet any need in terms of water spraying .

We put at your disposal all kinds of sprinkler nozzles to obtain different effects: flat sprinkler (water curtains), full cone, hollow cone, fine sprinkler (water in very small droplets) and solid water jets.

Applications: Washes and rinses, dust treatments, cleaning, refrigeration, cooling, interventions in chemical processes, fire protection, gas desulfurization, coatings, foam removal, lubrication, degreasing, canning machinery, vehicle washing, water curtains, sterilizers, pasteurizers, decoration with water, etc.

We work with the best qualities: stainless steel, pvdf, brass, delrin (acetal),…

Almost all our products are in stock for immediate shipping.

If you need it, always indicate models and quantity and we will send you a personalized quote.

Do not hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to assist you.

María de los Remedios Almela Rodriguez (22465263J)
C/ Almelas, 6. 30509 Llano de Molina. Murcia. Spain.