Nozzles manufactured in Delrin, Pom-c, Acetal.

The nozzles made of delrin / acetal / pom-c stand out for their excellent results in sanitary applications. Fully suitable according to the FDA.

Acetyl resin or delrin is a thermoplastic, semi-crystalline material of great hardness and resistance. Its elastic behavior is similar to steel.

Resistant to moisture and temperature.

It is also a material that adequately tolerates dilute acids, cleaning products and a wide variety of solvents.

Delrin/pom-c/acetal, is also a very good electrical insulator.

Conversely, delrin, pom-c or acetal nozzles are not very resistant to ultraviolet radiation.

DATA SHEET (delrin, acetal, pom-c):



expansion 10



Mechanical characteristics:

Method/Test (DIN /ASTM)

Unit Value

Density 53479 1.41 g/cm³
Elongation at yield point

53455 65


Tear resistance 53455 MPa
Elongation breaking strength 53455 40 %
Tensile modulus 53457 3100 MPa
Modulus of elasticity at bending 53457 MPa
Brinell hardness (by ball penetration) 53456 155 MPa
Impact resistance 53453 o.Br. KJ/m²
Creep resistance after 1000 h. static load 40 MPa
Elongation resistance, by 1%, after 1000 hrs 13 MPa
Coefficient of friction against hardened and sharp steel p=0,05 N/mm², v=0,6 m/s 0,32
Friction wear, under the same conditions 8.9 m/km
Thermal Characteristics:

Method/Test (DIN /ASTM)

Unit Value

Melting temperature 53736 165
Dynamic vitrification temperature 53736 60
Resistance to deformationProcedure AProcedimiento B ISO 75ISO 75 110160 ºCºC
Temperature of use for a short time 140/100 ºC
heat conductivity capacity 0.31 W/(m.K)
Caloric 1,5 J/(g.K)
Coefficient of longitudinal 10 (-5) /k
Electrical characteristics:

Method/Test (DIN /ASTM)

Unit Value

Dielectric coefficient 53483 3.5
Dielectric loss factor 53483 0.003
Specific pitch resistance 53482 10(15)
Surface resistance 53482 10(13) W
Electric spark resistor 53481 >50 KV/mm
Eddy-current resistance 53480 KA 3c
Other data:

Method/Test (DIN /ASTM)

Unit Value

Moisture absorption in NK until saturation is reached 53714 0.3 %
Water absorption to saturation 53495 0.5 %
Resistance to hot water, wash Conditioned resistance
Flammability (UL 94 standard)UL 94 HB
Weather behavior Unstable
Certified FDA CFR 177.2470

We have spray nozzles made of delrin / pom – c / aceta with patterns in water curtain, solid jet, full cone and hollow.