Spray nozzles for agricultural applications.

Spray Nozzles in Agriculture:

What are spray nozzles?:

In the agricultural world, spray nozzles play a very important role in performing different functions: application of phytosanitary products, irrigation, drying, refrigeration,…

The spray nozzles spread the drops of the liquid homogeneously on the cultivation surface either in fixed installations or installed on the tractor bars for application in displacement.

Using the right spray nozzle will help reduce inputs and reduce water consumption.

These nozzles are used in ground, aerial, manual and motorized fumigation equipment.

Spray nozzles are one of the most important components of fumigation equipment. Its good calibration and condition will improve the cost structure of the system.

Importance of the material of manufacture, maintenance and condition of the spray nozzles:

The nozzles, peaks or fumigation tips are made of different materials, which will affect their durability and compatibility with chemical or phytosanitary products. We recommend stainless steel, and pvdf for longer life.

The spray nozzles stripped generate an uncontrolled consumption of product, increasing the consumption of materials and devirtualizing the calculations made for the crop by its agronomist.

It is recommended to perform good maintenance of the spray nozzles with warm water and brush. A substitution is also desirable when deterioration is contemplated to avoid an excess or bad application of the product.

Importance of pressure in spray nozzles:

It is also very important to consider at what pressure the product is being sprayed to perform fumigation studies. At high pressure the drops are very small (fine spraying), while at low pressure we get thicker and heavier drops.

Fine droplets are susceptible to drift – the wind carries the application product to unnecessary places. Also small droplets are much more susceptible to be evaporated quickly and suppose this a shorter application time than desired.

That is why the use of pressure gauges and pressure regulators is important.

For example, the application of herbicides is usually at low pressure.

Fungicides, insecticides and foliar fertilizers are usually fumigated at higher pressures.

Which spray nozzle do we need?

Depending on the type of application product, the choice of our spray nozzle will also depend: fertilizers, herbicides, fungicides, insecticides, etc.

Herbicides are usually applied with curtain nozzles or flat spray. Angles from 80º.

For foliar applications, insecticides, fungicides, foliar fertilizers,… It is normal to use hollow or vacuum cone nozzles.

Important for its calculation always the specifications provided by the agronomist.